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Capgemini - Career Center - Briefingcards
Capgemini - Career Center

Capgemini – Career Center

The Career Centre is a place for all of Capgemini’s staff (approx. 6.500) who are curious, who would like to speed up their career or who simply are in search of something that is different. The Career Centre helps them understand the organisation, where they stand in it and where they are heading. Consultation sessions are, among other things, about career changes as well as preparation, assessment interviews or acceleration within one’s own environment. In over two years at least 1,200 employees have contacted the Career Centre.

Désirée Willemsen and Barbara Visscher are using Briefingcards whenever they are appropriate for consultation. Désirée, “Briefingcards allow staff to talk more freely so we can get to the core a lot quicker. In career advice sessions Briefingcards can be used in different ways. For instance, to understand restricting convictions or find out easily what a person cares about jobwise. By using images, people are more capable of talking intuitively. Quite often they will pick a card without knowing exactly why. The trick is to find out by asking the right questions.”

Barbara used the cards when talking to an experienced manager. At the end of the session he told her this, “I have a very cognitive mindset and tend to fool myself when it comes to the things I really want. These images helped me get through that. By using these cards, it’s been easier for me to go back to the true values and goals of my career.”