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Adecco - Management - Briefingcards
Adecco - Management

Jake Esman was Managing Director at Ajilon Professional Staffing, part of Adecco Group Netherlands, 45 commercial employees and 500 seconded employees. Jake had the Briefingcards laid spread out for a few weeks, on the cabinet beside his desk. Jake: “You actually see everyone respond immediately to the images they see. By way of small talk I would tell them something about the background of the Briefingcards. Especially the use of the Creative Commons licensing appeals to many of my employees. They like that people share something without asking for money.”

“After that I explained how I use the Briefingcards in commercial conversations. I tell that we do not want to give out more meaningless gifts to clients, but with the Briefingcards we found a giveaway with substance. If they then ask how I do that exactly, I suggest to use the cards in the appointment the employee came for. I simply ask to choose a card in response to the question: ‘what is this meeting about?’ or ‘what do you want to achieve with this meeting?’.”

“Then it is key to keep your mouth shut and give someone time to sort through all the cards and pick one. If someone finds it hard to choose only one? Then tell him or her to just pick three or four. If I then ask, why it is so difficult to choose, the story will automatically come.”

Jake explains what the use of the Briefingcards has given him in the contact with his staff: “I get many employees in my office who I don’t manage directly and I really do not that know well. For some of those employees I am really ‘the boss’. I have found that the use of the Briefingcards reduces the distance between employee and manager. By working with images the mood changes. Employees will speak more easily and be more open. If I then ask someone whether he or she could use those cards, the responds are mostly positive.”