Visuals that literally speaks to the imagination

52 briefingcards with instructions and a free download

Briefingcards are images that help people to articulate their ideas, opinions and feelings in an intuitive manner. One on one or in a group you challenge people to select pictures which correspond with what they wish to talk about. Once the images have been selected you will ask the participant to explain his or her choice. Briefingcards are used by trainers, (career)coaches, managers, designers, teachers, psychologists and sales staff.

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Author Vincent Cornelissen & Marcel Wijnen
ISBN/EAN 9789491203121
Scope 52 cards
Language Dutch & English
Edition Single cards
Delivery time 1 office day


Briefingcards offer inspiration and are a proven tool to help people to new ideas or in an appealing way put into words what they want to say.

Selecting images stimulates the associative ability. This means that users of briefing cards are triggered to give original, authentic comments:

  • imagine the dream job during career advice
  • name strengths and weaknesses during coaching sessions
  • show what you have in mind (or not) in the design of spaces and/or products
  • create an original way of introduction during meetings and training sessions
  • make it clear what’s good and what could be bettered in the collaboration within teams
  • identify the sore spot in organizational development and change

The use of the briefing cards appeals to both the visual imagination (predominantly right brain) as well as language skills (mostly left brain). As a result, the cooperation between the two halves of the brain is stimulated.

  • Beautiful pictures, which literally speak to one’s imagination
  • All sets come with a leaflet with a registration code. With this code, users can download free digital versions of the cards on this website. For example, to use in documents and presentations.
  • The set consist of pictures that are published on under the ‘Naamsvermelding’-license of Creative Commons. These pictures may be used freely, within certain limits; the owner of the image should be credited. All images on this website are available for everyone to see. This fact makes it possible to do preparation assignments; participants are able to select their images online before the actual meeting.
  • Good instructions for the use of this website.

52 briefingcards with instructions and a free download